Unrevealed secrets of a long-term relationship: 1 Leave the past in the past Close the door of your past relationships once and for all. That way you can be ready for the new beginning. Your partner deserves your attention for 100%. Also, never compare your partner with any of your exes.Continue Reading

There are so many reasons why your significant one can get offended. Deal with grievances on daily basis is not so easy. Women are likely to be the ones who are getting hurt with no reason as it seems at the beginning. In reality, women are more vulnerable and insecure.Continue Reading

How to avoid getting tired from the relationship Basically, the harmony is essential in the relationships, and perhaps it’s the most important thing there. Here we have several tips for you how to save the harmony between you and your partner for long years.Continue Reading

5 Signs of an unhealthy relationship According to the scientists, true love has similar characteristics with friendship. They are the same values and life principles and demands to the partner. That´s why to distinguish those feelings is not as complicated as it looks at the very beginning even if sometimesContinue Reading