Some companies like to turn the ordinary household stuff into things that can be used to satisfy some other needs. If this tendency continue we’ll be finding vibrators everywhere around the house. 1. Vibrating makeup Everything vibrates here, absolutely evetything : mascara, lipstick.. Even eyeshadows have heating /cooling effect. WhoContinue Reading

Emojis have become such a big part of our every day messaging that a lot of people can’t imagine showing their emotions any other way. But sometimes we wish there were more icons to express a full range of our emotions and feelings. Luckily for us, four designers from California have come up with an ideaContinue Reading

The Mood-SetterLovemaking: Love sex is more about seduction than execution. The days earlier, try to send your mate good vibes by being affectionate. The N-night, don’t forget that a good atmosphere with a soft glow and good music. F*cking: Break up the routine and put up that freakum dress toContinue Reading