25 things that happen if you have found a true love

If you found your true love you are so happy and you know about that. Each loving couple creates the unique world during their relationships. Sometimes the best is hidden in subtle things which surround us in daily routine. We find time to be carrying and loving with our true love. Precisely these tiny details make us happy. Love is the key to your happiness. Here we gathered the best things that happen to you when you are with that special person by your side.
1. When you talk to each other you look straight to the person. You can discuss everything in the world face to face, including your feelings instead of diligently texting or scrolling through social media in the phone.
2. You always keep eye contact in a conversation even if sometimes it can be difficult.
3. You often leave the handwritten note before heading to work just to make your significant one smile.
4. You are not afraid to say ¨I love you” first, without fear to hear the response.
5. You like sending the real postcards to your love when you travel alone.romantic-couple-girl-love-bf-image
6. You often call just to ask “how are you doing?” and hear the voice you love so much.
7. You enjoy cooking dinners together, lay the table near the TV and spend the whole evening watching good films.
8. You include his or her favourite songs into the playlist in the car.
9. Only you notice tiny things which nobody knows: how much sugar in coffee your partner likes, what is his favourite pillow and what food he likes eating in the cinema.
10. You even know the favourite toys form the childhood of your significant one and you even have bought one them in advance on the Internet and it waits till Christmas.

11. You can write a real old-fashioned love letter.
12. You can order the book that your partner has always wanted to read.
13.  You even love reading to each other books or newspapers.
14.  You never touch the phone at the dinner table, you enjoy each other company.
15. You make his or her life simpler by carrying about recording the favourite TV show or repairing some things or doing laundry.
16. You spend some time in silence.
17. You cook his favourite breakfast when you know that your love will have a severe hangover after the night out.

18. You send the ridiculous emails or meme’s pictures when you know that your true love has a hectic day at work.
19. You are always trying to understand his or her point of view even if you disagree with it.
20. You know how to apologize in any situation.
21. You avoid watching your sitcoms without your significant one, you wait till the moment you can do that together.
22. You can show any emotions and your partner won’t judge you.
23. You notice that both of you began to use gestures and each other’s phrases.
24. You take into consideration the opinion of your true love even if you make the smallest decisions.
25. You can talk all night till the morning and fall asleep at the same time.