Women have been trying to understand male psychology for a long time. It can be considered to be a separate science which requires statistics and scientific facts. Women spend a lot of time trying to find some common ground with men. Everything is clear with political views and hobbies, butContinue Reading

I cook like a chef from a good restaurant, give amazing blow jobs, like variety in sex. Men adore me, but don’t want to marry me.  They say that self-sufficient people are not afraid of loneliness. What is self-sufficiency, by the way? I think it’s the strength, inner strength whichContinue Reading

Do you remember that map from a few years ago that showed the ratio of men to women in cities across the United States? Luckily for younger women, Jonathan Soma came along and updated his figures and it’s still good news for single women. Let’s have a look to these updates to see whereContinue Reading

Coming out of a relationship can be unexpected and let’s say it, pretty tough. But it’s also the beginning of a new and exciting era, so read on for why being single can actually be rather great.. Reason No. 1? When you’re single, you have NO need to worry aboutContinue Reading