Why does your partner get offended?

There are so many reasons why your significant one can get offended. Deal with grievances on daily basis is not so easy. Women are likely to be the ones who are getting hurt with no reason as it seems at the beginning. In reality, women are more vulnerable and insecure. Most of the offences are the reaction to the huge number of inner fears, like the fear to stay alone.


We have the most frequent reasons why women get offended.  Are you familiar with the situation when she stopped talking to you and if you try to ask something you get only a monosyllabic answer. What can you do to get away from this strange situation? Just be patient and give her some time to calm down. Meanwhileб you can say how much you love her smile and that you are worried about her happiness. Women are more sensitive and if you show every day how much you love her, all her fears will disappear. However, try to avoid this situation in order to protect the harmony of your relations.

These actions may offend any woman. So read this attentively.

Watching other girls

If you comment on the shapes of other women in her company or she has noticed you doing that on any social media you are highly likely won´t have sex before going to bed. Even if she just caught you watching other girls, you are in danger. Don´t believe her if she pretends that she doesn´t care about it. SHE DOES but trying to keep it cool. She may remember that later, but she will…



You don´t take her seriously

Any women can get offended if you are not taking serious steps. Maybe you are dating her for several years and she never met your family or friends. You never call her my girlfriend in public. It´s not old-fashioned to ask her out it´s classy. Make her feel that she is special. If you won´t upgrade gradually your relationship she may feel that you are not interested in her. Year to year the fear that you are not getting to marry her will grow. She will feel less attractive, you will get less sex and finally, you will break up. Don´t be afraid to show her that you love her. Not ready for the marriage? You can get engaged and live several years more, with a happy woman with a shiny ring on her finger.

Lack of attention


The most frequent case according to family consultants. The first place where she requires the maximum of your attention is the bedroom. Any tiny detail matters.

Don´t ask her about anal with similar intonation as if you are interesting what chips she likes more. The same with oral sex, don´t push your head to the place you are expecting to be caressed, it works only in porn. You should be patient and diplomatic any sassy rude word can make her feel like a slut and you won´t get any sex.

Specifically, “women first” rule is applicable to the bedroom. Always think about her pleasure and you will feel the difference. Also, you should be grateful that she wants to have sex with you. Pay her with an orgasm. Women who have regular orgasms are more calm, confident and happy. Don´t talk too much during sex, leave your funny stories for your friends. She is waiting for attention, love, kisses and hugs from you. Don´t be Mr Dryasdust, kiss her more often, tell her how much you love her and how beautiful she is.

A classical moment she feels no attention after sex. If you want to sleep so badly, find some strength to kiss her before. If you can talk to her a little bit after, you can be her superhero, try to convince her that she is the best women you have ever been with.

It´s impossible to explain why women get offended, but the only thing she won´t forget and forgive is indifference.