What’s the difference between love and passion?

5 Signs of an unhealthy relationship

According to the scientists, true love has similar characteristics with friendship. They are the same values and life principles and demands to the partner. That´s why to distinguish those feelings is not as complicated as it looks at the very beginning even if sometimes these two extremely strong emotions overlap. If you are not ready to sift the questing to the bottom we have 5 signs for you to help you to understand the true nature of your feelings and emotions.love


If you feel anxiety and your heart is getting too beat faster, the world around you disappears, you can´t focus on something besides the object of your desire, in that case, we can observe all the symptoms of physical addiction from the person. If you are capable to pass this off and take this feeling under the control there is nothing to worry about, if not it means that this relationship can cause problems in the future. A harmonic relationship is when you have a sense of relationship security and you are not afraid to lose your partner. No relationship can exist for any considerable time without the foundation of safety and mutual trust.


If you feel the constant need to be with your partner.  Even if you have to separate for a short period of time you start texting, calling and asking about everything he or she does.  It´s fine to show your affection to your beloved but at the same time, the total control can only destroy your relationship. We all need some personal space and don´t break that rule. If only you don´t want to become a pain in the neck, do you?


3456450a-47ea-4da7-aa42-4a7b6fea8d10_20100715095256_wakacyjna-miloscAny conflict ends in bed. From one side it´s a possibility to add some fire to the relationship, but if you can´t have a dialogue and even if your partner implies that they only value you for sex there is nothing positive about it. Try to say ¨no¨ once and see whether he or she will respect your answer.


The passion escalates into dependence when sex stops playing first fiddle but you still need strong emotions and vivid impressions. That´s why you are arguing without rhyme or reason. Loving couples have the opposite situation, after passionate months new period of stability and mutual trust comes.


Burning passion leads to insecurity. You are so afraid to lose your partner that you start to forgive him any disrespectful behaviour. Your partner can make jokes about leaving you or can make you feel bad about your body. Same as your partner mocks you, such as poking fun at your voice or facial expressions in a mean way. Remember a loving person would never try to hurt your feelings or insult you.

Quoting the Holy Bible ¨Love is patient, love is kind. It doesn´t envy, it doesn´t boast, it is not proud¨. Love lasts long but can´t be described in words. You can call it a state, a mood, a feeling, an emotion. If you succeed in putting a label on it, then it is just a thought about love – not love itself.  The only advice we can give you is ¨love passionately and don´t waste your time on temporary affections¨.