Although for many people something like that still sounds crazy, open relationships became rather common in these latter days. And the interesting fact is that the duration of such relationships is on average higher than the duration of “strong and serious” relationships. The advantages and disadvantages can be found everywhere,Continue Reading

I have a problem. I think I am an exhibitionist. No, I am sure I’m an exhibitionist! And my family and my beloved boyfriend even don’t know about it.  They have no single idea! The thing is that my family is very religious and conservative. My mum is very active in theContinue Reading

Can you maintain a healthy relationship without sex?  A lot of psychologists have long been studying this subject, trying to understand why some partners and spouses do not have sex. It’s even hard to believe that two young and sexually active people can build strong relationships without having sex! ManyContinue Reading

Did you know that people born under different zodiac signs react to foreplays in… a different way? These 12 notes may help you to know more about your partner’s erogenous zones and spice your sex life up! So please note.  Aries – Head and Hair Running hands gently through his or herContinue Reading

Hey… I feel like I need a piece of advice. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months. For me it’s a quite sizable time, and I can say the same thing about him. Everything is going really well except for one little thing… I am ashamed evenContinue Reading

Sex is an important part of everyone’s life. Everybody has different attitude toward sex, but there are some physiological features which are worth noticing. For example a lot of men want to determine whether a woman is in mood of having sex or not. Some people believe that women areContinue Reading

I cook like a chef from a good restaurant, give amazing blow jobs, like variety in sex. Men adore me, but don’t want to marry me.  They say that self-sufficient people are not afraid of loneliness. What is self-sufficiency, by the way? I think it’s the strength, inner strength whichContinue Reading

Emojis have become such a big part of our every day messaging that a lot of people can’t imagine showing their emotions any other way. But sometimes we wish there were more icons to express a full range of our emotions and feelings. Luckily for us, four designers from California have come up with an ideaContinue Reading