Oppressed exhibitionist

I have a problem. I think I am an exhibitionist. No, I am sure I’m an exhibitionist!

And my family and my beloved boyfriend even don’t know about it.  They have no single idea!

The thing is that my family is very religious and conservative. My mum is very active in the church, and we all dress modestly. But when I’m away from home (I study abroad, far away from my hometown), I always find a way to show… much more skin than my family and boyfriend would approve of.

I sometimes leave my dormitory room curtains “accidently” open, or find other ways to flash myself when wearing a skirt or a dress. One day we with my group mates even visited an out of town nude beach and you know, I never felt better. My parents and boyfriend have no idea how many people have seen me not naked, but still…and how gorgeous I felt then! I felt free! But when I come home and my parents hug me and my boyfriend kisses me, I feel like an idiot and promise myself not to do this anymore. But of course, everything repeats.