How to change you love life for the better?

Can you maintain a healthy relationship without sex?

 A lot of psychologists have long been studying this subject, trying to understand why some partners and spouses do not have sex. It’s even hard to believe that two young and sexually active people can build strong relationships without having sex! Many people believe that sex is overrated, other think that sex is a basis of a relationship. But still, sex is rather important and lack of it can lead to relationship break-up, depression and other psychological problems.
So if you have such a big problem with your partner, you should immediately begin dealing with it!
How to change sex life for the better?
These simple tips can be very helpful:
  1. Try to be alone together more often.
  2. Make changes in your sex life, there are an endless number of ways to experiment with sex.
  3. Talk to your partner. Sometimes you should simply share your thoughts and feelings with him or her.
  4. Refresh your memory! Think about the beginning of your relationship. Sometimes you need yo analyse your past, so you can avoid mistakes and make conclusions.
  5. Persuade your partner to work on your love life. The main thing you both should long for a change.