Erogenous zones by Zodiac Sign

Did you know that people born under different zodiac signs react to foreplays in… a different way? These 12 notes may help you to know more about your partner’s erogenous zones and spice your sex life up! So please note.


  •  Aries – Head and Hair

Running hands gently through his or her hair is a surefire way to send tingles down your partner’s spine.

  •  Taurus – Neck and throat

Yes, neck is considered to be the most obvious pleasure centre, but never underestimate the power of gentles touches and kisses from your partner’s hairline to his/her shoulders.

  •  Gemini – Hands

Gemini men and women are very curious and inquisitive. They are interested in everything that is new. So every inch of his or her body is covered with nerve endings that could be stimulated… especially hands. These people find it just awesome when their hands are kissed or tickled.

  •  CancerNipples

Women typically have sensitive nipples, but Cancers prefer when it’s a little bit rough;) And nipples can be a definite hot spot for men, too.

  •  LeoBack

Leos can be very pushing and initiative. So they will tell and show you where their erogenous zones are. Kissing and licking down his or her spine will definitely get heart racing! And don’t forget about massage.

  •  VirgoStomach

If you want to turn on your Virgo partner, you should hug him or her from behind and run your finger down the stomach.

  •   LibraButtocks

This erogenous zone is “highly-active” for Libras. And if you want to delight your man who is Libra, you should learn some sexy strip dance moves.

  •  Scorpio – Genitals 

Well, extra words are not needed – everything below the belt is the hottest hot-spot for Scorpios.

  •  Sagittarius Inner thigh

This can be said about men, too! Inner thigh area is packed with nerve clusters. Have your partner kiss and nibble up and down each thigh and he will be very pleased…

  •  CapricornBelly button

Even if you might not find it that sexy, belly button is the getaway to getting into Capricorn’s pants! Some people even call belly button “small vagina” – and for some reason 😉

  •  Aquarius – Calves and ankles

… and everything connected to legs. By the way, did you know that Aquarius lovers prefer to have sex in the water? So don’t forget to take a bath together!

  •  PiscesEars

Almost everyone’s ears are sensitive, but mostly for Pisces. Keep your mouth close to your partner’s ear, whisper something sexy and he or she is all yours!