What his favourite sexual position says about him

Did you know that his favourite sexual position can tell a lot about his character? Let’s find out something new about your partner!
 Well, his favourite position – when he is on top. When a man is unconsciously turned on by the fact that he is over a woman, you can be sure: his favourite thing is to “quarterback the process”. Such a man prefers to be a leader in everything. He can be rather judgemental, but at the same time you will always feel safe with this kind of man.
Man of pleasure
 Pleasurers prefer “woman on top” or in other words “cowgirl” position. This kind of man likes when a woman controls everything, including sex games. To some extent this is great, but a man who willingly parts with leadership in bed, can be a tagalong and even rather irresponsible…
Gentle cat
 He likes “Spoon” position most of all, when both of you lie on your sides, facing the same direction. He is behind you. He likes enjoying slow and deep penetration, hugs and kissing. All in all, he prefers it tender and gentle. The only one negative thing: sex with such a partner sometimes can be boring. What can be said about his character? He can be very predictable.
Adrenaline addict
 He is an inventor and experimenter. He avoids banal sex in bed. Thanks to his endless enthusiasm, you will never get bored! You will definitely try all kind of Kamasutra positions, giving preference to the most interesting and unusual. Everything is just great, but these men quickly lose their interest and don’t like dating the same partner for too long.
 Of course, doggy style. In addition, they like butt-slapping, pulling hair and when it rough. The best way to “tame the tamer” is to have a strong personality and your own opinion. Tamers adore independent women.
 He likes being on top, but only if a woman lies on her stomach. Such a choice speaks volumes. This man is strong and power-loving, but unlike the “leader”, the reserved one is not good at having heart-to-heart talks and expressing his feelings. It is a very passionate man, and his feelings can be very deep, but he avoids emotional intimacy with a woman.
 He thinks only about his pleasure. He doesn’t care about his partner’s orgasm or feelings. After sex, he can quickly and without any qualms of conscience go to sleep. It’s rather difficult to speak about his favourite sexual position, because it depends on his mood.