The Pros and Cons of open relationships

Although for many people something like that still sounds crazy, open relationships became rather common in these latter days. And the interesting fact is that the duration of such relationships is on average higher than the duration of “strong and serious” relationships.
The advantages and disadvantages can be found everywhere, and open relationships are no exception.
The Pros:
  1. Freedom. Many people appreciate freedom, and many of them do not have freedom in their “normal” relationships.
  2. More varied sex. You can be with other people, so your sex life is more varied and exciting.
  3. You never get bored. You are seeing more people, you are getting a more varied sex, you are free to do want you want. That’s why you don’t get bored, and sometimes it’s just awesome!
The Cons:
  1. Society’s attitude. Yep, not everyone can understand such things…so you have to be prepared for misunderstanding and judgement.
  2. Jealousy. There’s a great chance that you are going to feel jealous when you see your partner with someone else. The same can be said about your partner. To feel jealous is quite normal, this is just human nature.
  3. Angst. Freedom is not always good, and your partner can always leave you. In open relationships pInartners are more likely to find someone else… just because they can.
  4. Diseases. We all know that no form of contraceptive is 100% effective, so there’s always a chance that something will go wrong.
 Open relationships are definitely not for everyone. Both partners should be prepared mentally, this is the momentous decision. But maybe it worth a try…