15 questions you should ask on a first date

First dateHow to understand if this person is a right match for you?

There are no universal rules what to do on a date. We heard many times that communication with unknown people can be compared to an art. However, it’s more a craft than an art. So you can breathe out. Just don’t forget that there is no guarantee that using these tricks can make your date successful. Nevertheless, these questions can help you to prevent some awkward pauses. Breaking some ice in a conversation will stimulate your partner and will make him or her feel comfortable around you. It’s obvious that your date will enjoy your company so don’t be afraid to ask him or her out one more time.

#1. Tell me everything about your family. Is there a family member with whom you can get along better? Who is your kindred spirit? And remember, those men who are close to their mothers always respect women. Nice bonus, right?

#2. Are you an early bird or a late sleeper? Why do you need to know that? Well, both of you don’t want to have breakfast and go to bed alone, right?

#3. What do you like for breakfast/dinner? Who knows maybe this date will last until the morning?

#4. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Nonsense? When you have a severe allergy to cat’s hair and your soulmate keeps six cats at home. That can be a huge problem.

#5. Do you have your favourite novel?

American film director John Waters said once: ‘’If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t have sex with them.’’ The message is clear

#6. Do you really like the job you do?  This question uncovers the ambitions and aspirations of your date. If you receive an abstract answer it means your partner isn’t secure about the future and it’s time to think if it’s important for you.

#7. What was the last concert you’ve visited? This is a more original version of the trivial question: ‘’what music do you like?’’ Or you can ask what concert your date wants to visit, with you, of course. Sharing same music tastes gives a common ground.

Man and woman in a bar

#8. How would your friend describe you? It is one of the most difficult questions ever. Even for a very communicable person, it would be hard to describe some habits or streaks of character. If your interlocutor is trying to escape from the direct answer don’t force him, it’s not a job interview.

#9. How did your parents meet? Everyone loves telling long stories, besides you will learn some facts about the family of your date.

#10. If you could choose the historical period to live in, which would you choose? This question shows creativity if your partner and reveals some knowledge of history also. Anyway asking something like that can arouse the feelings and in several seconds you may discuss role play, it sounds more exciting, right?

#11. What’s the last movie you’ve seen? Tell me on what season of Game of Thrones you are and I’ll tell you who you are. Or you are a fan of American Horror story, no? Walking dead?

#12. Where did you spend your childhood? The first date is the time to know better your partner. There is nothing better than to talk about the childhood to make him or her to open up.


#13. Tell me about the best journey you’ve made. This question can inspire you. It doesn’t matter if you will be together after the date, you can learn something about a very unusual place you’ve never heard of. And maybe next time you’ll go there together.

#14. Who influenced you most in your life? Well, we all hope it won’t be a long story about his or her exes.

#15. What is your goal at the moment?

The answer: “I want to protect all pandas in the world” is a nice strategy to make you smile and melt at the same time.