How men choose women?

Women have been trying to understand male psychology for a long time. It can be considered to be a separate science which requires statistics and scientific facts. Women spend a lot of time trying to find some common ground with men. Everything is clear with political views and hobbies, but it can be rather difficult to understand how they choose their life partners.

So, how to get a guy’s attention?

  1. Sense of humor. Men prefer women with great sense of humor. Surely you’ve noticed that men are trying to steal a way to women’s heart with jokes and they always look at their reaction. A girl who can genuinely laugh and joke always attracts attention and becomes the life and soul of the party.
  2. Cared-for look. Men appreciate it. Women shouldn’t forget about clean hair, neat manicure and velvet skin. But, it’s important not to overdo it.
  3. Men prefer women who haven’t got a lot of male friends. When you just communicate with your friend, your boyfriend thinks you’re flirting. Everything’s clear here.
  4. Men prefer self-confident women, who have no personality corks and excessive shyness. So you should be more confident and independent.
  5. Like mom. Men often choose those who are akin to their beloved mothers. Just a little bit, even one minor feature matters. It can be a hairstyle, or a way of interacting, just anything.
  6.  Yes, they choose pretty women. Anyway. The inner world is not immediately visible. That is why you have to be an attractive lady. Your education, creativity, sense of humor will be appreciated in any case, but… beauty and physical appearance are important.
  7. Men choose inaccessible women. Men are hunters, so the process of conquest is very important for them. Men don’t like women of easy virtue.