Nowadays the technology penetrates into every aspect of our life, literally. We chose the verb «penetrate» to help you guess the field we are going to broaden your horizons in. Any ideas, by chance? A while ago in previous articles, we talked about sex-toys and even condoms. Believe it orContinue Reading

Although for many people something like that still sounds crazy, open relationships became rather common in these latter days. And the interesting fact is that the duration of such relationships is on average higher than the duration of “strong and serious” relationships. The advantages and disadvantages can be found everywhere,Continue Reading

Can you maintain a healthy relationship without sex?  A lot of psychologists have long been studying this subject, trying to understand why some partners and spouses do not have sex. It’s even hard to believe that two young and sexually active people can build strong relationships without having sex! ManyContinue Reading

Sex is an important part of everyone’s life. Everybody has different attitude toward sex, but there are some physiological features which are worth noticing. For example a lot of men want to determine whether a woman is in mood of having sex or not. Some people believe that women areContinue Reading

The genius idea which involves color-changing protection, has two curious facts about it. First, without a doubt it could be a real “contraceptive revolution”. Second, it’s an invention of two 14-year-old teenagers from London. They call their project «S.T.EYE». The condom changes color when an STD is present.. For example,Continue Reading

So you found a really great guy, but you ain’t having an aaah-mazing sex evey time. Well, here’s some tips for you. If it’s average… Keep things spicy and experiment new ways to climax. You can rub your clitoris or use a vibrator while he’s inside of you. If it’sContinue Reading

In Indonesia is considering a new criminal code that would make unmarried couples having sex illegal… They would have a penalty of up to five years in jail ! Let’s have a look around crazy sex-related laws. In Bakersfield, Calif., you must use a condom while having sex with Satan.Continue Reading

The Mood-SetterLovemaking: Love sex is more about seduction than execution. The days earlier, try to send your mate good vibes by being affectionate. The N-night, don’t forget that a good atmosphere with a soft glow and good music. F*cking: Break up the routine and put up that freakum dress toContinue Reading