A lust for the mind

ask-02112637083zHave you heard that brutal men are not trendy anymore?

Muscled and overconfident strong man was replaced by a smart and a little bit geek man. Have you noticed that? The number of sapiosexuals is constantly increasing. So let´s find out who are those

sapiosexual people.

The word sapiosexual derives from Latin “sapio” – that means wise or intelligent. Behind the neologism that has come into common usage, it alludes to people who are sexually attracted to someone else’s mind to be their most attractive attribute, above and before their physical characteristics. For many, defining oneself as sapiosexual is also a statement against the current hookup culture and superficiality, where looks are prized above all else.

How did they appear?

Blame evolution

The reason for the existence of sapiosexuals can be explained by the theory of evolution. Before in prehistoric times, you had to be strong and crafty in order to kill a mammoth and feed the whole tribe. It’s natural for women to distinguish among all males the strongest ones those who deserve to reproduce themselves. Today you don’t have to kill animals. You need to earn money. That requires rather be intelligent than physically strong. That’s why smart is sexy.



Also, it can be because of social change. Nowadays women are more educated and they occupy leading positions in society. It’s obvious that they desire more from their partner.

Blame Freud

He seems to have an answer to any question connected directly or indirectly with sex. In this case, his theory shows us that the affinity between sexual appetence and intelligence is the reason for the willingness to play out like in childhood with a smart and educated parent. When you transmit all those, qualities to your partner as a grown up you are getting turn on in front of a smart person that attracts you with fascinating conversations and amusing stories. The same happens if we are trying to find the opposite with your partner. Any psychologist will confirm the more you are seeking the opposite from your parent partner the more likely your partner will be similar to your parent. That’s Murphy’s law!

How to attract them?book-boy-couple-girl-favim-com-2345675

Well, we can help you to melt down a sapiosexual heart. These tips can really help you.

Firstly watch your grammar. Try to speak correctly and don’t use the meaning of the word of which you don’t know exactly. Remember, even the smallest linguistic clues will set a sapiosexual off. Secondly be who you are. Don’t lie or pretend, just show to that person what you have inside.  Sapiosexuals are a bit snobbish and enjoy laughing at the “plebs” and their unrefined tastes so you can use it to your best. Discuss books, mainstream movies, celebrities and trivial TV-shows in a sarcastic manner and as soon as you see a smile on his or her face you know you are on the right track.

sapiosexuals reading

Therefore, don’t forget that you are with a real person so if he or she is really into books don’t hurry up to put a label of sapiosexual.  Pay attention that sapiosexual is a new cliché of people who generally feel just a little bit superior to the rest of the world.  Promoting yourself as sapiosexual in social media can add you some points on dating market, who isn’t looking for a smart partner? But a steamy debate is less erotic than a sensual massage. What do you think?