What´s in your eyes

What the eye colour can say about the girl?

What things can reveal the personality of a woman: the way she dresses, the way she moves and the way she talks. However, her eyes can tell even more than you have ever imagined! It can be the most reliable source of information about the girl.

Have you heard the phrase eyes are the windows to the soul? Ancient philosophers started to learn a person from the eyes. They said you have to keep yourself from the evil person’s eyes. Read the article to find out what the colour of the eyes can tell about a woman. 

  1. Dark brown eyes

Women with dark brown eyes are stubborn, initiative and have an uneasy character.  They are very energetic and hardworking. These people trying to achieve their goals come hell or high water. These girls definitely know what they want and how to get that.


Jessica Alba

  1. Hazel eyes

Girls with hazel eyes are naturally very attractive, they are witty and sensual. However, those girls are very hotblooded, at the same time they forget offences easily.  Their imperfection is a very capricious character, Astrologists think that people with hazel eyes are very sociable and make friends easily. They fall in love pretty fast, but they can be unfaithful. So, don’t forget about that if your girlfriend has hazel eyes.

Penelope Cruz


  1. Light brown eyes

Girls with this colour are very shy, love staying alone and have their head in the clouds. Also, they have a pragmatic personality and you can always rely on them. They don’t like being pushed. Astrologists believe that people with light brown eyes are very sensitive, vulnerable and take everything close to the heart.


Julia Roberts

  1. Blue eyes

These girls are very romantic and emotional. They can fall in love and make you love them pretty quickly. They have a great sense of justice. They like standing up for the truth even if it’s against them.  The main imperfection they may have is the arrogance. Also, they are ready for the fight and debates all the time, it could be a bit annoying.


Liv Tyler

  1. Light blue eyes

Ladies with light blue eyes are very persistent. They can be sentimental sometimes. They have unpredictable character, they can be creatures of their whims.  These girls are very vindictive and can remember offences long years.  Don’t be surprised when she recalls you some sins from the past.


Doutzen Krez



  1. Blue eyes

Blue-eyed girls are goal-oriented, but not sentimental. They are not impressed by tears and it’s hard to touch the strings of their heart. They can have temper outbursts and can suffer from depressions without obvious reasons. Nevertheless,  the emotional rollercoaster happens rarely. They are mostly calm but hate daily routine and passive way of living. Yo would never get bored with that girl.


Cameron Diaz

  1. Amber eyes

This is one of the rarest colours. Women with this eyes are highly talented, creative and artistic. They can read people like an open book, it is all because of the perfect intuition. If you are honest and have nothing to hide, you will be happy in the relationship with a girl with amber eyes.


Mila Kunis 

  1. Green eyes

Green eyes can be a symbol of love and tenderness. These girls love you and not your money or connections. They are very kind and faithful. Friends love them for devotion and reliability. They are good listeners, the are good leaders and passionate lovers.


Emma Stone 


  1. Gray eyes

Ladies with gray eyes are smart and decisiveю If she faces to problems, she doesn´t ignore them she tries to solve them at the present moment. These girls can take decisions in difficult situations where they apply intelligence, strong character and willpower. Gray eyes is a sign of the curiosity. They are lucky in love and career.


Megan Fox