Jealousy tricks. How to stop being jealous

Jealousy became the main reason for the break-up of so many perspective relationships. It’s a poison that brings disillusion and pain. Have you ever felt jealousy? If your answer is yes, read the article to know how to get rid of it.

Psychological aspects and the way of thinking of men and women are tremendously different. Sometimes it leads to serious misunderstandings and jealousy that affects both partners. It is getting bigger, also selfishness and alcohol make things even worse.

Men get jealous triggered by women’s behaviour. They think that the woman is trying to find someone else. In the reality, her behaviour reflects her natural desire to be appealing.  She satisfies her wish in two ways – appearance and communication style. If she looks great and confident, why do you feel jealous?

You can’t impose your opinion on the way she should dress that will push her away from you. If a woman feels less attractive, she will easily get into depression. You won’t be able to build a relationship with her in that case.  You can’t ban mini-skirts and high heels in your woman’s closet. Not even try, she will find a man who will enjoy her personal provocative style.
Remember only insecure and selfish men get jealous. If a woman loves you she doesn’t think about cheating, that’s a psychological difference. If you treat her like a princess she won’t need to find other partners. If you make her feel unsafe and sad it is the way to end up the relationship.
NB – man’s jealousy can’t protect a woman from the male attention it provokes her to move on from you.
One more disadvantage of jealousy is fear, that ’s a bad symptom of your relationship.
There are several types of jealousy. No reason jealousy based only on the selfishness of a partner and the jealousy because of previous cheating. The second type is based on offence, vengeance and hurt feelings. In case of pathological jealousy, you need therapy with a qualified specialist.

How to calm your jealousy down?

1. Stop feeling fear that she can cheat on you with other men. If she loves you and this feeling wasn’t affected negatively by your jealousy, not even a Dwayne Johnson can seduce her. If she lost her interest in you, there is no way to save the relationship. Your partner is not your property; she is a person and should be treated with love and respect she deserves.

2. If you start feeling jealousy remember –her sex appeal and witty sense of humour are the things that have attracted you in her. You are in a relationship with a marvellous woman and she is still attractive and likes to shine in any company. There is no need to make her feel insecure and enclosed.

3. Girls love to feel desirable. Believe it or not, but there is a huge difference between vulgar and flirty behaviour.

4. If it is hard to conquer your jealousy, talk to your partner.  Tell her honestly how her behaviour makes you feel. She will listen to you and review the way she communicates with other men, she doesn’t enjoy offending you.

5. Sometimes men are jealous about the past of his partners. If the thought that she could love you less than her eх makes you feel jealous, just remember that she is with you. The thoughts like who is better in bed and if she still has any feelings for her exes are the results of a completely wrong way of thinking.  Her past doesn’t matter anymore. Make sure to build the future with her.

Experts think that jealousy is a product of fear to be lonely. If your parents got divorced or you felt a loss of any person who was close to you it may still affect your life. You have to realize that you are an adult and responsible for every decision you make. Now your life is under your control, you are independent and can make changes. You have to fight your jealousy to build healthy relationships with your love.