5 ways to expose a liar and manipulator

Tips for men to catch a liar if you don’t want to wake up with a snake in your bed pay attention to the behaviour of your girlfriend now.

You are absolutely lucky if you have never dated a girl who likes pretending, showing only the qualities you may look for in a woman. These crazy ladies are capable of everything, so how can you catch the liar before marrying her, look through these five pieces of advice to find out if your girlfriend is an actress.


She has a small number of friends

It’s not a secret that good and friendly people are always surrounded by friends and they are trying to keep in touch with them. Any psychologist will confirm that. Perhaps if your girlfriend has no close friends she may have qualities you haven’t seen yet. If she is unable to make friends, it won’t help your relationship. Try to talk to her about this and find out what has happened. What was the reason for her possible conflict with her friends? You have two options, you can help her to restore your previous relations or you may help her to find new friends. Otherwisщкe, you will be at risk to become her only friend without your personal space. She may overprotect you and overplay her role as a partner.


She is trying to be perfect

If your girlfriend is demanding not only to herself but to all the people around, that can be a bad sign. Remember, if a person is happy with being himself, he won´t overreact on imperfections of other people. Self-confident people are very calm about almost every situation.

Try to talk to her and persuade her that nobody is perfect she also can afford herself to be just a human. Also, you should pay attention to her control mania if she tends to control everything around she may felt the lack of love when she was a child. Just tell her that it’s not in human power to control everything and kiss her. Do this manipulation regularly to see the results.

She is rude to the people in the service sector

Is your girlfriend often unhappy with waiters, flight attendants, Uber drivers, cashiers? Maybe she has conflicts with some of them on a daily basis? If she is too rude to b people of lower social class it means that she is a hard person.  Just say to her that her rudeness to a waiter is not appropriate and awkward. Any adult person will change the attitude and will try to be more polite next time


She cant get along with your mother

It could be one of the most challenging subjects, anyway, you have to be patient and create a perfect atmosphere for those to women in your life. Every mother wants to see a perfect partner by the side of her son. That’s why it’s so easy to get into conflict. However, if your girlfriend doesn’t try to get on well with your mom, maybe she doesn’t see your future together. This situation requires a lot of effort before any conclusions.


She is constantly complaining about everything

Nature makes women very emotional, so from time to time, she needs to pour out all her feelings. Whether it could be high prices for her favourite perfume, traffic jam or spoilt dress. If it happens rarely, the only thing you have to do is to listen and support her. On the other hand is she can’t spend a day without irritation and become angry with all the people around her, it means that the problem is in her. That’s when you should think twice before spending all the life by her side.