7 signs he’s cheating on you

They say, men are born polygamous. Truth hurts, yes. But women should face it: men are always and forever bound to temptation. That’s why we should always keep a weather eye open and get a load of these 7 signs.


  1. Candy kid. He buys new clothes, perfume and shaves twice a day. Suspicious, isn’t it?
  2. His cellphone. He leaves the room to talk whenever his cell phone rings. And then tells you he had a business call. And yes, he puts the password on and always keeps his phone away from you.
  3. He calls less often. If the calls start becoming much less frequent or worse, if the calls completely stop, you have a reason to suspect something.
  4. Flowers and gifts. He changes his attitude toward you. And not necessarily for the worse! It may sound strange, but he can feel guilty and that’s why give you flowers and gifts.
  5.  Sex life. If he’s cheating on you, your sex life will definitely change. You may hear “Not tonight dear” more often.
  6. He spends a lot. “Mistresses” always mean unplanned spendings.
  7. Weird staff. Lipsticks and keys in the car, checks and notes in the pockets… You shouldn’t shut your eyes on such things!

The sooner you start notice things like that, the more quickly you can solve the problem and understand whether you need this guy or you are so much better off without him.