Career or family: how to choose?

We all know that a woman used to be the keeper of the family hearth. But our world has changed a lot, and nowadays a lot of women feel like they are left with a difficult choice – housewife or businesswoman. A lot of women are interested in building and maintaining a happy family, but they also want to build their own successful career. But… a good rule of thumb is that combining work and family is a very very difficult thing. That’s why we decided to show all the pros and cons of choosing a family… or a career.

 Pros and cons in choosing a career.
  1. You have the opportunity to dedicate your life to your favourite occupation
  2. You have the chance to earn credibility
  3. You can become financially independent
  4. You can expand horizons
  1. The lack of free time
  2. Family conflicts
  3. Stress and over-strain
  4. Male chauvinism and excessive competition
  5. Loss of old friends
 Pros and cons of choosing a family.
  1. The ability to stay at home and be with your children
  2. A lot of time to take care of yourself
  3. A lot of time for hobbies
  4. A lot of time for friends and family
  1. Housework becomes the responsibility
  2. Financial dependence
  3. Lack of self-realization
 It’s not easy at all – to combine career and family. But to women… nothing is impossible!