8 signs that let you know you’re in love for real

Were you ever in love? Yes, of course, it’s a stupid question. Each of us knows that feeling. For some reason, some people are afraid to admit it, they try to hide their feelings, even if all the signs are quite evident.
How to recognize true love? Love can be shown in different ways, and all these makes it a unique, many-sided feeling.

1. He or She makes your life miserable, but you grin and bear it. Amazingly, but when you love somebody, you can forgive almost everything. No matter how many mistakes your partner made, no matter how angry you were – you can always forgive him/her. Love justifies and forgives, even when your ego resists this.

2. No matter what things you talk about. You can choose completely abstract topics, but enjoy this anyway, because you just good together.

3. You give yourself a hard time because of this person. You are ready for anything: you can easily sacrifice your time, your hobbies, your interests and even your opinions.

4. You don’t feel embarrassed during sex anymore. When you really love someone, physical aspects don’t bother you anymore, and it’s a real intimacy.

5. Every moment matters. Even a two-minute telephone conversation with a loved one can become the brightest part of your day.

6. You are very emotional. Physical presence of your partner makes you more emotional, you can’t dam up your feelings. This is the sign of emotional freedom, which is possible only when you’re in love.

7. Everything reminds you of him or her. Even little things bring back memories of a loved one. Different details like a song or a picture…

8. You are afraid. You understand that love can hurt you. You trust this person, you disembosom yourself to him/her. You lay your heart open to him or her. But you don’t know what will happen next. Love makes you feel vulnerable