What is the difference between love and passion?

Passion is nearly concerned in desire and lust. But when the desire fulfilled, satisfied, passion usually fades away. A relationship lasts much longer when love prevails.
Differences between love and passion:
  1. Passion is based primarily on desire. Love is based on togetherness and… nighness.
  2. Passion is a temporary phase. It can last a few days, weeks and even months. Love lasts much longer, over the years it can grow stronger.
  3. Love makes people better what definitely can’t be said about passion. Passion can ruin… everything.
  4. Passion is based on selfishness. Real love is based on willingness to make sacrifices. Love gives freedom, passion is all about mistrust and controlling relationships.
  5. Life without passion is not a big problem. But life without love is unbearable for any human being.