how to get out of the friend zone

Even rich and handsome have been ¨friendzoned¨ once. Sometimes you meet a girl of your dreams, you start courting her, but she keeps distance. So what´s wrong? Read the article to find out how to upgrade your relationship and get out of the friend zone.

What is the friend zone and how can you get there?

The friend zone is a situation when partners have different emotions to each other. As the rule, this situation is acceptable for only one partner. Usually, it is a girl. You want to see her as your girlfriend but she wants to stay friends sometimes with a little bit of flirt. Even you can spend all the night with her, watching Netflix and sipping wine, she may need you as a friend only.  There are various reasons for that situation. Here we have the most common of them:


  • Backup plan. She needs you just in case. If with another potential candidate won’t work out or while she is searching for more fish in the ocean.
  • Great adviser. Women like men’s piece of advice. She may need to see herself from men’s perspective.
  • Helpful dude. You can help her to move or mend something at her place. She likes that you are so reliable and always ready to help.
  • You are the guy, who distract her from the other man. She has a boyfriend, but their relationship is on the low, so she spends some time with you to feel better.

Wealthy dudeYou have cash and sometimes girls can keep you just yo use your wallet only.

How do you understand that you have been friendzoend?

  • Typical phrases: «I like talking to you and spend my time with you», «you are a good friend», «I wish I had a boyfriend like you».
  • If your relationship just started she won’t ask you to buy tampons or mend a piece of furniture, but these requests are typical for the friend zone.
  • She doesn’t like you to kiss and hug her in public.
  • With her friends, she talks about you like a buddy.


  • How to get out of the friend zone?

That’s surprising that a girl considers your communication only like a friendly one.  She may ignore all your direct questions. Or she may tell you that she isn’t ready for a new thing. You don’t need to listen to her in that case. Don’t wait, be a man, act, show her that you are interested.

Make some changes. Be exactly what she wants. If you are Ok with that change a bit your appearance starts with a haircut for example. Ask her out in a good restaurant and order your favourite dish. Surprise her with little gifts.
Slow and steady gap decrease. If she doesn’t feel comfortable about kissing in public places try some little touches first. Touch her hair by accident, help her with a button on her blouse, try to touch her more, she needs time to get used to you.


Get tough with her. Let her understand that you are not going to do everything she wants. You won’t listen to sad stories about her exes, there are so many different activities you may offer her instead.

Sometimes be less available. Don’t be afraid to put her off. Practise shows that the more you ignore her the more she wants to meet you. Besides, it’s a chance for her to think about your behaviour and your role in her life. The fear that she may lose you can boost her interest in you.

Be a man. Talk to her like a man, not like a boy. Ask her out, plan your leisure time on your own and don’t give up if you don’t see the result immediately. Be persistent.
Open up your heartIf you are trying too hard, but there is no result, the only thing you can do is talk openly to her. There is a chance that she may be not into you, but it’s better to risk once than wait till she invites you to her wedding. Talk openly, ask what does she think and ask her if she sees you as a potential partner.

Be more confident, flirt more and forget about the friend zone forever!