Why do I like old men?

I am 22 and since I can remember I’ve always had crushes for older guys. Leo Di Caprio? Way too young for me. Alan Rickman though….hmmm! Like Ralph Fiennes and Clooney, they look like my type. But…they’are also thirty years old older than me. So I am wondering, why am I like that? Is it normal?

I can’t say that I have a weird kind of “Daddy Issues” as I come from a very close knit loving family.
Also, I am pretty successful at work, I am an independant women who lives by herself and pays her own way so I can say I am asking for someone to take care of me.
But… I don’t know, I find older men sexually attractive, they awake me.

I have dated guys my age, they were cool and our relationships great but I never felt the need to involve myself.
However with older men, it’s different. I am dating a man who’s 45, we started to date when i was 20 and I first lied to him, saying I was 30 so he’d take me seriously. Although I love him very much, I still find very older men more sexy, like 60 years old men.

When I talk to my closest relatives about that, they’re just saying that it is gross but I feel bad as I think I should pursue my happiness with older guys.

The biggest issue remains that I can come home with my date if he’s older than my parents.

Do you think it’s a weird fetish? An¬†unconscious issue? Do I have to talk about it to a profesional?


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