Call me honey…

I have a BA from Princeton and an MA from Columbia. I am young, sexy I think and successful in my studies and I am a novelist.

Adult sex entertainment was not an obvious career choice. At the beginning of 2005, my first novel was out, people can finally buy my book and read what I had to say.  So how did I turn myself into that? Only 6 months later. The answer is quite simple: I was broke. I didn’t want to change my life, my flat, my way of life. I soon exhausted my advance. And unfortunately, it was the worst time ever to be broke ! The waiting rooms of temping agences was full as never but without any jobs to offer.

The ad, which quaintly described phone sex as “erotic conversation”, offered $30 per hour or $35 per hour during the graveyard shift. It was a way much more than I could have earned! The man on the phone wanted to know if I had any acting experience.
The only rules were to say anything I want, without involving animals and children. When I wanted to start working I had to call the company and enter a login to the system, then logout. The business is on top in the sex-phone-industry as people pay like 4$ a minute. The company rakes in nearly $300 per hour and $26 goes to the girl.

So, I did my research. How to have a sexy voice, do an erotic talk… I learned more about unusual sex practices and prepared my character. I was Zahia, a beautiful, 38DD, blonde and moroccan girl. With bakery and vintage lingerie. I used to practice the geisha art to fetishism. But…my clients need were so basic.
They didn’t really speak or try to be involve in this “game”. I could have been a psychic conversing with the dead. To me, they were quite weirdos so I enjoyed questions I can answer with yes or no. Sometimes they ask me about my fantasy but I couldn’t say : a reliable income.

Clearly, this job wasn’t sexy at all but it was perfect as I have time to write my second novel and I have an amazing source of inspiration.
But as in every job, I realize there was a thing. They say that you earn 20$ per hour, but it’s per hour on the phone so as the typical call last like 5 minutes, you only earn $2. Imagine if you want $500 a week !

 I stopped after several weeks, I figured out how to make enough money from writing.
I slipped out of the adult sex world as easy as I get in.


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