Why women don’t want to get married?

“When are you getting married?” Well, as a woman, I hear this question quite often. But I am happy and I date someone for a long time, that’s why a lot of people around me, including my friends and family, think that marriage is like the next logical step for me.
But, the thing is, that I just don’t want to get married. I’ve always known that I won’t get married, even when I was a kid. Yes, I know that a lot of girls and women are dreaming about beautiful wedding, gorgeous white dress and so on, but I’m definitely not one of them. I think that marriage for me is like an obligation to stay with a man or a woman instead of choosing to be together.
 And of course there are some reasons why modern women don’t want to get married.
  1. Financial independence. Many women who have a job can take care about themselves even better than men, that’s why they think that marriage is an unnecessary thing.
  2.  Negative parents’ experience. This reason can be called one of the most significant for girls. If a girl’s dad was an alcoholic or she saw him belittle her mother, silence her… or even worse, beat up and mistreat her, a girl will have a negative attitude to marriage.
  3. Own negative experience. If the first marriage didn’t work out, a woman believes that she should not get married again, because everything will be just as bad.
  4. Own positive experience. It sounds very paradoxical, but still. Good relationship with the first husband with whom a woman broke up because of different reasons (for example, his death), may also cause to reluctance to marry again.
  5. A lot of men around. Women who are constantly surrounded by men, who are accustomed to their increased attention, don’t want to get married, too. These women are confident in themselves, they know their strengths, they are successful. They have a lot of male co-workers, male friends. That’s why they don’t need marriage, they don’t see the point in it.