The influence of love. 5 advantages to be in love

Love is in the air. Summertime is the best time for flirt, romance and falling in love. All the philosophers were looking for the recipe of love. The modern science proves that love starts in your head and affects all your body. Almost everyone knows the feeling of the butterflies in the stomach when you are about to meet your significant one. The way your heart accelerates when you see the smile of your sweetheart.

British scientists have told how the feeling of love influences a human body. The heart-throb stimulates chemical processes in the human brain due to which hormones, that cause positive emotions, are released. Also, scientists have found that those hormones impact your whole body improving the physiological processes.

Find this article to find out the positive impacts of love on your body.Love as a painkiller

The experiment showed that in order to alleviate the pane you should just look at the picture of your beloved person or even animal. Seeing the object of your affection activates chemical reactions that can block the pain you feel. When the level of hormone oxytocin is rising, which is characteristic of people in love, your blood pressure is getting lower that makes your pain bearable

97128_gettyimages200272331002Love keeps your heart healthy

Multiple kinds of research proved that people in the relationship are less likely to have cardiovascular diseases than single ones. Also as an advantage to start a family, many people have to change their lifestyle in order to have healthy kids or save money from quitting bad habits.  Regular home cooking is healthier than fast food or restaurant choice that singles do more often.

Love influences your intellectual level

Poets in love created their best poems. This feeling bursts your creative skills and resource potential, it helps you to get more information and accumulate it. Including your analytical skills can skyrocket when you are in love. Love makes your brain activate zones responsible for attention, motivation and memory that burst your autonomic nervous system. In other words, all these factors make you more productive and more stress resistant.

Love makes you happy

Mutual love gives you the feeling of euphoria. Numerous scientific research showed the connection between feeling love and the level of dopamine the hormone of happiness) in a human body.holdinghands-57ec1c615f9b586c3596e9a9

Love makes you more attractive 


When you see your sweetheart your brain sends signals to produce the adrenaline.  The high level of adrenaline in blood makes us look better, our skin becomes softer, wrinkles are reducing and your skin tone looks healthier and smoother.