25 reasons why you can´t forget your last relationships

Forget once and forever your ex is impossible if you are not suffering from Alzheimer. However, you can survive even the most painful breakup. You can cure your heart and forget about the person that used to be so close to you. With time, all the feelings will transform into memories and they won’t hurt you anymore.

But what to do if you keep remembering your last relationships and can’t stop thinking about your ex-partner?

What makes you live in your past?  Why you can’t let it go? Read the article to find out why…loneliness-2-MIN__thumb

Here you have a list of 25 reasons why you can’t leave your past in the past…

  1. You believe in soulmates and you are afraid that you would never meet anyone again.
  2. You felt a true love that left deep wounds in your heart.
  3. You have never loved that much.
  4. You were planning your future together.
  5. You wanted to have kids together.
  6. It’s hard for you to change your habits.
  7. Your ex-partner reminds you yourself.
  8. You have common friends.
  9. You lived together and you miss the feeling of cosiness at home.
  10. You were sure that would last forever.
  11. You don’t believe you can fall in love again.
  12. You doubt somebody can love you.
  13. You see each other quite often after the breakup.
  14. You are friends with benefits.
  15. You have decided to stay friends and you have agreed because you are not ready to let your partner go.sad-lonely-man-on-bench
  16. You stalk him in social media and keep asking about him your friends.
  17. Your ex-partner initiated the break up so you are not ready to bear with it, your ego has been damaged.
  18. Your partner was also your best friend.
  19. You can’t be alone.
  20. You lost your inner peace.
  21. Your break up crushed your self-esteem and you can’t rise it up.
  22. You are waiting till your partner change his mind and come back to you.
  23. It’s hard to realize that he or she loved you less than you loved your partner. Perhaps there was no love from his or side at all.
  24. You can’t have any relationships with other partners.
  25. You don’t want to forget about your ex-partner.breakup-904x640

In reality, it doesn’t even matter why you can’t forget your partner.  There are two options always. If he or she is your destiny sooner or later you will be together, if not and you love without response, you would never be together.  Anyway, you should think about yourself in the first place, live your life, develop your skills and achieve your personal goals, become a better person. Try to become a better version of yourself. Just because any changes in your life can be positive if know how to cope with them. Assume the fact that you can’t forget your partner completely, but don’t let those memories influence on your future.  If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be. The old phrase but it works still.