10 habits that won´t let you be happy

Maybe you didn´t pay too much attention but some habits can be more dangerous than it seems at the beginning and may cause pain or even destroy your life. If you think that you are on the wrong path it means you have made several bad choices. We have found 10 typical mistakes you may commit every day. Those mistakes won´t let you develop your skills to upgrade your life and start actually enjoying it. Look through the list of them, if you find something like that in your life, don´t hesitate to get rid of this damaging habit.



The worst thing you can do is self-pitying. You are spending your energy on this instead of developing your talents.

Living in the past

Usually, the past doesn´t matter in your present. Your past lives only in your memories. It´s a bit silly to try to come back to the past and try to feel the same emotions, just let them go. If you are capable to stop living in your past, you will be ready for the bright future.

Working only for money


Some people may say that nowadays money is very important. But psychologists remind that you should also be interested in the result of your job, not only in the money you are making. At the end of the day, if you are not happy with your job you won´t feel better at home, because you will have the sad feeling that you have to come back to work tomorrow. Try to find a compromise in a labour market.

Not taking  risks

One of the most common mistakes is to stay at the same place because of the fear of a failure. Sometimes taking risk is the only opportunity to challenge yourself. If you want to change your life do something that you have never done before. You should go out of your comfort zone. Don´t be afraid to change your life and even move to the foreign country because of the interesting job opportunity.

Not finishing the tasks


Leaving something half-finished is for losers only. Remember that. Any task should be accomplished, sooner or later. If you haven´t finished something it means you have done several steps back. You can´t compensate the time you have spent on the attempt of accomplishing this task. The only way out is actually finishing your task.

Putting away for later

We are living at present, so it’s absolutely useless to try to postpone the time. I will learn French, I will start my own business, I will sign up for pilates, but not now, later. If you do the same, you keep promising you will do some things, but you are waiting for… for a sign from Buddha. Here it is, the mysterious sigh you are waiting for. Do that, finally! Now is the time.

Trying to be perfect

It’s too hard to be a perfectionist. Even trying to be perfect is too tiring, moreover, it leads to high expectations and as a result depression. Nobody is perfect, we are living in a completely imperfect world. Leave your complexes behind, just try to be a better human being, better, not perfect. Feel the difference.

Choosing your network poorly


People you are spending time with can motivate you for great deeds or lead to our degradation. All the successful people say that you should choose your friends wisely. You need positive energy and self-motivated people by your side.

Blaming others for your failures

Instead of blaming people, try to analyze what exactly happened and who is really responsible for that. Sometimes you need to look from the other angle on your problems to find the unusual solution for them.

Being afraid of disapproval


If you are living with fear what other people think about you, you won’t be happy. Don’t try to please other people, use this energy on being happy. Be who you are, that way you will feel comfortable with yourself and hence more confident. Confidence is the key to make people like you.