The most surprising gifts in the world

When you make a gift you are trying to impress a significant one, but some gifts amazed all the world and became legendary examples of love and devotion. Read the article to find out which gifts are out-of-the wall ones.

Taj Mahal

The world´s famous gift an ivory-white marble mausoleum of Taj Mahal. This is a marvellous symbol of love of prince to his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. She died in 1631 during the birth of her fourteenth child. The construction began one your after the death of Mumtaz Mahal and it lasted 10 years. 108177208086150031129018111227228012175223052057

The building is breathtaking itself and surprises with charming beauty of early Mughal architecture style. It was made from snow-white marble and it changes the colour due to the time and weather. Inside the musk, you can find the tombs of Mumtaz and  Shah Jahan.


Skorpios island

The island in the Ionic sea was a wedding gift of Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis to Jackie Kennedy. The island was his childhood dream though he decided to make this gift to his beloved woman. They celebrated wedding ceremony i¡on this island. Aristotle Onassis is buried there.Skorpios-Island-Aristotle-Onassis

The island is a beautiful paradise with three houses,  a helicopter landing pad and a boat quay., However, the granddaughter of billionaire sold this island to an unknown Russian oligarch in 2013 for more than 150 million dollars.

Van Gogh´s gifts

Vincent Van Gogh was a creative guy and outstood with strange acts. Once he fell in love with a prostitute and she also liked Vincent. When Van Gogh asked why did she find him attractive she answered because of his paintings and ears. Maybe it´s just a myth but the next day Vincent cut his ear and surprised beloved prostitute with this extraordinary gift. Vincent_van_Gogh_-_Self_portrait_with_bandaged_ear_F529

The girl felt unconscious and someone called the police. later as the result he created his famous self-portrait with bandaged ear.

Simple roses, huge impact


Jo DiMaggio every day surprised with roses his wife – Marylin Monroe. He kept on doing that when they broke up and even when she dies.


The roses became the emblem of their neverending love.

The palace on the Italian island

Carlo III of the influential House of Borromeo made a nice gift to his wife Isabella D’Adda, a luxurious palace on a family island on Lake Maggiore in Italy.


Nowadays the island, the palace and the charming gardens are the popular tourist attraction.

The most expensive castle

Nowadays, Michael Douglas bought a Welsh castle for his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones.


A gothic style building of the 19th-century was bought by the Oscar-winning couple for $11.2 million.

Giant pearl

The history remembers this gift during 2000 years.  Indeed, the pearl was not just any pearl. It was the largest in the whole of history,  a “remarkable and truly unique work of nature” worth 10 million sesterces. The Roman leader Marc Antony wouldn´t surprise a woman like the last queen of Egypt – Cleopatra with something trivial.


As we know Cleopatra dissolved and swallowed this pearl in order to win a wager she had made with Antony.

Some gifts are shocking other are surprising, but it´s so nice to see the happy face of your significant one. Maybe in the future, we will present not only islands, castles but also planets and galaxies.